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Get Twice As Many Family Law Cases Without More Ads

Learn Proven Strategies For Family Law Practices To Double Your  Cases From Your Existing Web Site Visitors In Less Than 5 Minutes

Double My Cases Right Now!

3 Steps To Family LawMarketing Success

Create A Solid Marketing Foundation On The Internet


Employ Advanced Techniques To Double Your Case Load


Open The Flood Gates To Even More Cases


Law Firm MarketingDoesn’t HaveTo Be Frustrating, Costly, And Time Consuming

What if there was a proven formula you could follow to reliably and inexpensively get new cases from the internet?

Grow your practice as fast or as slow as you want: Yep!​ Just tell us to turn on the faucet…

Get paid what you’re worth: No more discounted services!

The Clients You Want: Let your competitors work with the difficult clients.​

Easier Than You Think

Contrary to what you might think, there are plug-and-play formulas for reaching these goals.

Repeatable and scalable formulas. They aren’t complicated. But they are hard to find. And they all need to work together in just the right way.

My name is David Hubbard and I’m the founder of Family Law Rainmaker.

At Family Law Rainmaker, we implement and test 100s of marketing strategies every year, primarily in the area of Family Law.

Then we turn the most effective of these strategies into ‘done for you services’. We also create free, detailed, step-by-step educational videos, instructions and case studies for you.

  1. We research and test everything.​
  2. You get the best strategies.
  3. You can use these strategies on your own or we can do it for you.
Like This

An attorney client specializing in divorce​ implemented just one of the strategies we mention on the first video we you’ll see, and got these results:

New Client Inquiry Count

Before – 11After – 23

The best part? It took less than a day to implement.


If only we’d done this earlier! I was stunned when I figured out how many clients our website was turning away, even though everyone said it looked great…

John Hildebrand

So Don’t Wait

Conceptually, these strategies aren’t hard to understand. Most attorneys ‘get it’ right away. However, as with many things, the devil is in the details. Small changes have big impacts. That’s where knowledge, skill and experience are crucial.​

That’s why we’re here.​ 🙂

We do the hard work and test to make sure you get the results you want.​

To start learning about these strategies at no charge​, just click on the button below…

For A Flood Of New Leads!


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