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Video Marketing And Why You Need It.
Video Marketing And Why You Need It. Hello to everyone, My name is Chris I am one of the people[...]
$30 Explainer Video For Lawyers
Think Video Is Expensive? We got an animated video for $30. You can too.
Diary Of A Law Website
Would you like to look over my shoulder as I bring up a brand new website from scratch?
Retargeting Advertising Made Easy
This simple info-graphic will help you discover how law firms effectively integrate retargeting into their marketing strategies.
$??? Really Per Click? – Lawyers Win For Pricey Ads Clicks
The legal industry wins hands down for having the most expensive Pay Per Click ads on Google. Google's pay per click system is called AdWords. These are AdWords most expensive clicks.
Your .Lawyer or .Attorney Domain Name
Are you going to get one of those new domain names that end in .lawyer or .attorney? What would you do with it? How much would it cost?
Law Firm Online Reputation Management
Help your law firm win at Online Reputation Management. Learn the best way to get more reviews and better reviews online.
Client Considering DIY Divorce?
What do you do with client considering a ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) divorce? The answer is counter-intuitive and most lawyers miss it.
6 Tips For More Family Law Website Traffic
Here is simple six step guide to make sure that you are getting not only the correct traffic on your website, but more of that desired traffic.
Google Adwords Changes 2016 Impact
Google changes to AdWords will impact family law attorneys. Here are a few ideas to get around the rising costs of advertising with Pay Per Click.
Implement The Best SEO Practices – The Ultimate Family Law Website 6
Learn how to maximize your potential using some of the best tricks that big SEO companies practice in the marketing world today.
Optimizing for Conversions (cont) – The Ultimate Family Law Website 5
Find out how to get clients to subscribe to your email list and increase your conversion rate through opt-in forms.
Optimizing for Conversions – The Ultimate Family Law Website 4
Your website needs to get your visitors to take action! This is known as conversion. Learn how to get your website to convert.
Engagement Triggers – The Ultimate Family Law Website 3
Learn how to hook your clients and reel them in with effective Engagement Triggers.
Building With WordPress – The Ultimate Family Law Website 2
Find out why WordPress is such a good idea for your to use when building your website.
Creating A Website Design – The Ultimate Family Law Website 1
Creating A Website PlanThe Ultimate Family Law Website 1When creating a website you will need to know your Avatar, in[...]
Power Blogging – Write Blog Posts Fast
Write high quality blog posts for your family law web site fast using modelling to do so. Use my easy formula to create a blog post in under an hour.