About - Family Law Rainmaker


Here's a little background on the site, the company and the key players.

tree-207584_1280Our Site

The site educates family law firm owners, partners and solo practitioners on how to bring your firm a steady, reliable, consistent stream of new clients on demand. Here, we share all the awesome marketing secrets we employ helping our law firm clients become the stars of their respective niches and specialty areas.

The site is designed for law professionals wanting to increase their draw of high quality, paying clients.

Our Services

water-731430_1280We offer ‘Done For You’ marketing services to Family Law firms. In most situations, you can expect to double the number of cases you’re getting from your existing web site visitors in 90 days.

We do this by creating and implementing the following for you:

  • Automated follow up systems – so visitors remember you after they leave your site
  • Lead magnets – these are free pieces of content you can offer in exchange for contact information for your web visitors
  • Live chat service – we will respond 24 hours a day to inquiries and email the text of the chat so you or your staff can take further action
  • Blog posts – specifically tailored to divorce and other family law situations
  • Web site analytics – so you get reports on who uses your site and where they came from, also, you’ll know if your web traffic is increasing or decreasing.
  • Tracking phone numbers – so you know when the call comes from your web site visitors
  • Local search engine optimization (SEO) – to make sure you are ‘on the map’ in Google
  • Marketing strategy and planning – allows you to invest in the high return on investment areas first
  • Content consulting – helps you engage with your audience and make them more likely to hire you

Our Marketing Philosophy

Our marketing revolves around simple common sense concepts:

  • Use best of breed, proven marketing industry practices
  • Specialize in Family Law so that we can do what works best with your particular clients
  • Use techniques that bring great results in other industries to legal marketing
  • Automate your processes so you can ‘set and forget’
  • Demonstrate your authority and expertise using education based marketing

Find out more on our blog and educational offerings.

Our People

David Hubbard has been in marketing and technology for over 35 years. He has worked with

Kathryn Hubbard is currently a third year law student at Whittier Law School. Previously she worked in the legal industry and marketing.

Kevin Leslie has been setting up and maintaining WordPress websites for over 10 years.

Chris Akin is a Certified Digital Marketer.

Alan Hubbard is a copywriter and marketing consultant.

Our Standards

Our Standards are our guidelines for providing you service. We almost always meet our standards. When we don’t, we try to figure what went wrong so it won’t happen again.

What Are Your Standards?

If you like working with companies willing to have and share standards like we do, maybe you should think about doing the same with your customers. We encourage you to document your standards, share them with your staff and your customers and make a big deal out of it in your marketing. It is a big deal, to clients.

Standards help set client expectations. In the legal industry this is rare. We’ve used our restraints on promises and guarantees as an excuse to not do much to set client expectations. And then we’re surprised when they complain about us.

If you publish your standards on your web site, you will stand out and be seen as unique by your market. Please consider doing so.